Our Story

In Every Stitch There Is A Story...

What some may call a hobby, or a pastime, for us, gave life meaning again. Grounding us in our past, healing us in the present and giving us hope for the future, knitting became our passion as we poured our love into every stitch.

While on our own personal quests to reinvent ourselves, we met and formed a lifelong friendship. Before long, we had knit more than we could possibly ever gift to friends and family. We realized that in order to continue funding this "therapy" of ours, we would need to find a way to keep us in yarn. We began hosting annual craft sales for friends and family out of our homes. For us, the scariest thing we had ever done was to put a price on something that we had poured so much emotion into, not knowing whether anyone would appreciate what it meant to us.

We underestimated the value people place on handmade items and the connection they feel to their own stories when they wear something that has been carefully crafted, with love. The response from family & friends encouraged us to take a leap of faith and expand to selling our handcrafted items online.

InfiKnitLove represents connection; to our ancestors, to ourselves, to each other and to our community. Each product is an expression of our healing journey, love in the present and hope for the future.

When you purchase one of our products we hope you carry with you a part of our story and wear it or gift it with InfiKnitLove!